5 Movies That Always Remind You Of Every Christmas

Home Alone, ELF, Love Actually, Arthur Christmas and Frozen are all movies that you can’t miss at Christmas.

Home Alone (1990)

8-year-old Kevin was left alone at home on the day the family was preparing to go to France. If feelings of loneliness, fear and anxiety are what Kevin must feel in this situation, on the contrary, he is completely happy and enjoying being at home alone. At that moment, he got into trouble with two thieves who broke into the house and tried to steal the family’s possessions. A smart, cunning and “fearless” boy has created countless traps to teach the other two stupid thieves a lesson. Kevin’s mischievousness and slyness brought the audience moments of joy mixed with “heartbreak” when watching him “catch the thief”.

Home Alone is one of the most popular movies in Hollywood history and is loved by generations of Vietnamese audiences. The series has up to 5 parts and every Christmas is broadcast on the small screen. Despite being shown over and over again, Home Alone is still welcomed by the audience for its funny but equally meaningful content. It is certain that a lot of viewers have spent their childhood with this movie.

ELF (2003)

ELF has a lighthearted, fun but still emotional story. Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) is a boy who was abandoned and raised by Santa Claus with the ELF family. Buddy lives every day under the love and care of the big ELF family and together with them makes gifts for Santa to give to children around the world. Growing up, after knowing his background, Buddy found his way back to his homeland. With his sincerity and love, Buddy has brought a wonderfully warm Christmas to this prosperous but loveless city, where his father and stepmother live.

ELF (Adorable Fairy) is a movie that is always in the top of the best Christmas movies voted by critics and audiences. The film earned $200 million at the box office, making any blockbuster movie envious at the time. ELF is also one of the most successful films of actor Will Ferrell.

Love Actually (2003)

Christmas 2003 brought the world’s audience great movies. Love Actually gathered a cult British cast: Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth .. and achieved a revenue of 246 million USD while the budget was only 40 million USD.

The romantic love drama brings warmth to all those who have not loved, are in love, and want to feel love. Interwoven in the film are 8 love stories of different levels, bearing 8 different shades. From there, viewers can see many other aspects of love. “Love” in Love Actually is not only love between couples, boys and girls, but also family love, friendship, human love… The gentleness and subtlety that touches the hearts of the viewers is the key to helping the audience. Love Actually is so successful. This is definitely a sweeter option for this Christmas break!

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur Chrismas as an answer to all children’s curious questions about Christmas, about Santa Claus, about gifts … that: “How can Santa Claus distribute them all? gift in 1 night?”. Arthur must complete the task his father gave him on Christmas Eve, and thereby help us get the answer. And that is indeed the answer “unbelievable”. The Santa Claus family will surprise us with modern and innovative technological items used to .. deliver gifts. The content of the film also has some implications about preserving traditional culture.

The film is designed with beautiful 3D graphics, monumental and creative. Characters with humorous shapes mixed with a bit of “absurd” in some cartoon-style actions will draw us into the world of Santa Claus that any child dreams of once living in that world. . The film is loved by many children around the world and Arthur also becomes a friend on Christmas Eve of many viewers.

Frozen (2013)

Released in theaters in 2013, the animated musical Frozen film has caused a great fever around the world that perhaps no one has never heard at least once the song “Let it go” – the OST theme of the film. . This is also considered one of the best animated musicals, Disney’s most successful. The film was inspired by Walt Disney’s fairy tale The Snow Queen by writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Frozen tells the story of two sisters Elsa and Anna who live in a lavish kingdom. Her older sister Elsa is an ice queen who accidentally injured her sister Anna and plunged the kingdom into eternal winter when she couldn’t control her powers. From then on, Elsa stayed away from everyone, living a lonely, cold life. Princess Anna bravely set out to find her sister, end the winter and mend the feelings of the two sisters. Throughout the film, the music is inserted by Disney to create excellent effects to help Frozen. touches the hearts of viewers. The animated movie about love, sisterhood, family.. bringing a lot of meaning and emotion won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2014. The film also achieved a “huge” revenue. giant” $ 1.3 billion, received a lot of praise from experts as well as the audience, the attraction of the film is still spreading until this moment – when the Christmas holidays.

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