Christmas holiday originated in the West but has recently become familiar. Let’s explore the interesting things in this holiday.

The Origin of Christmas

According to legend, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the Jewish state of Judea (today a city of Palestine), then a part of the Roman Empire, sometime between 7 and 2 BC. Christmas, also known as Christmas, was originally a Christian holiday. But over time, Christmas is considered an international holiday.

Christmas Day was born with many special meanings. Christmas is officially celebrated on December 25. But according to the Jewish calendar, the time to calculate the start of a day is at sunset, not midnight, so Christmas is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24. December 25 is known as the “main day ceremony”, while the night of December 24 is called “the vigil” and usually attracts more people. Christmas Day is also a message of peace: “Glory to God on high – Peace on earth” is a verse sung by angels announcing the arrival of the savior and Christmas is also the day people share with those who are abandoned, lonely, sick, old and weak.

The name Christmas

The word Christmas consists of the letters Christ and Mas. The word Christ (the Anointed One) is the title of Jesus. The word Mas is an abbreviation for Mass. When the words Christ and Mas are written, it becomes the word Christmas. Christmas means the feast of Christ, that is, the feast of the Nativity of Jesus.

Christmas Star

The 5-pointed star often appears colorfully during the Christmas season. A huge star hangs at the top of the church bell tower. From there stretch the paper on all four sides, there are many small stars, hanging lanterns and beautiful flowers.

The star in Christmas has a special meaning, according to legend, when Jesus was born, a bright star appeared. The light spread for hundreds of miles and still visible. From the far eastern regions of what is now Iran and Syria, three kings were revealed to believe that by following the light of the star, they would surely encounter a miracle called the feast of the three kings.

From there, the three followed the light’s guidance to reach the city of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. These three men knelt before the Lord, offering the Lord gifts of incense and gold and silver treasures.

The star becomes a meaningful symbol during the Christmas season and is hung in the most luxurious places in synagogues and religious establishments during Christmas to remember the above legend. Due to the meaning of the star, it also symbolizes the miracles of God.

Santa Claus

The typical image of Santa Claus is an old man wearing a red suit with white trim, a black leather belt, a red hat with a long white beard, a witty face, and “ho ho ho” laughter. Many people think that Santa Claus is the embodiment of Saint Nicolas – a saint famous for his boundless kindness.

Give Christmas gifts

In the US, early in the morning on December 25, which is Christmas Day, all family members will gather and bring gift packages arranged from the night before under the Christmas tree to give each other. People exchange Christmas gifts to express their love and wish each other a happy holiday.

Christmas is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to send each other gifts, fresh flower bouquets and good wishes to relatives and friends.

Candy stick

In the 1800s, a confectioner in India wanted to express the meaning of Christmas through a symbol made of candy. He started working on his idea by bending one of his candy bars into the shape of a candy cane.

Through his candy cane, he incorporated symbols representing the love and sacrifice of Jesus. White represents the purity and innocence of Jesus.

Then, the three small stripes represent the sufferings that the Lord endured before he died on the evil cross. Those three stripes also represent the divine trinity of God (the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). He added a bold stripe to represent the blood that God shed for mankind.

When we look at the hook of the staff, we see that it resembles a shepherd’s staff because Jesus is the shepherd of the people. If you turn the stick upside down, it will become the letter J representing the first letter of the name Jesus (Jesus Shirt). Thanks to that candy maker, everyone knows what Christmas is about.

In some Asian cultures, bells are used to signal to the public that a joyful event or a sad event has occurred. After the birth of the baby Jesus, this custom was transmitted to Western countries to celebrate the coming of the Savior to earth. In Spain, church bells ring at midnight to signal the birth of Christ.

Christmas cards

In ancient Egypt and Rome, it was customary to send New Year’s greetings carved on pieces of wood. By 1843, in England, Sir Henry Cole, because he was too busy in business to write a letter for the Christmas season and wanted to help develop the Postal system, he printed a number of cards to send to his colleagues. your. At that time, thousands of cards were printed and sold for a “shilling”.

Christmas Candles

There are many legends about Christmas Eve candles. Many people believe that Martin Luther was the first person to have the initiative to light many candles on the branches of the Christmas tree.

When he returned home one winter night near Christmas, he was amazed by the beauty of the light from the stars shining on the small pine branch in front of his house. He recreated this scene by attaching candles to the branches of the Christmas tree in his house to represent the Star over Bethlehem.

Christmas tree decoration

The Christmas tree is one of the indispensable symbols of Christmas, making the Christmas atmosphere more joyful and exciting. Today, every Christmas, family members get together to decorate the Christmas Tree Ornament splendidly, hanging cards, accessories…

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