Halloween And The “Ghost” Of Supply Chain Disruption

This year’s Halloween is approaching, but for the American people, this year, what scares them most is not the devil, but the disruption of the supply chain.

Americans are looking to buy witches, ghosts or horror items to decorate their homes this Halloween season, but what really scares them are the empty shelves.

Supply chain disruptions have led to shortages of costumes and decorations during a holiday season that is forecast to see record spending this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The article cited a report by the National Retail Federation, predicting that this year’s Halloween spending will reach an unprecedented level of about $ 10.1 billion, surpassing the record reached in 2017 of 9. 1 billion USD. Because more than two-thirds of Americans polled said they would celebrate this holiday season this year, which is roughly equivalent to pre-pandemic levels.

However, many Americans said that when going to stores like Trendsbedding , Lowe’s, Home Depot, T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods, no longer Halloween decorations, instead Christmas decorations.

Americans’ Halloween spending is expected to hit a record $10.1 billion this year

A Home Depot spokesperson said that Halloween stock has been declining rapidly. The company also sold out pre-order Halloween items.

Wyoming retailer Spirit Halloween admitted it had faced delivery delays and rising shipping costs.

According to experts, besides the lack of supply from the place of production, the shortage of goods for this year’s Halloween is also due to the overload of the transport and distribution chain, the main cause of which is the lack of labor.

The Wall Street Journal reported that, after more than a year and a half of the pandemic, there are still more than 4.3 million American workers who have not returned to work. Only 61.6% of Americans aged 16 and over are currently working or looking for work, down from 63.3% in February 2020. ( T-Shirt , Blanket , Pillow ,…. )

Meanwhile, more than 10 million jobs are currently unoccupied. The highest percentage of workers leaving jobs is in the fields of manufacturing, retail, transportation and support services.

Economists fear the current worsening labor shortage is due to long-term changes that are difficult to reverse and will persist for many years to come. This fact will also cause congestion in the freight transport chain in particular and the supply chain in general to face many challenges in the coming time.

Experts recommend that consumers who plan to shop at the end of this year should proceed early to avoid falling into fear like in this Halloween season. ( Trendsdding.com )

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