Halloween Movie: Judy Greer Interview and Anthony Michael Hall

Judy Greer Interview and Anthony Michael Hall 

The murderous David Gordon Greens Halloween is coming this Friday, and their two main characters have a few big things in common: They’ve both spent most of their lives haunted by Michael myers, and they’ve both had enough. But the similarities mostly end there for Karen (Judy Greer), the daughter of the original Halloween heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), as one of the children. that Laurie babysitting on that fateful Halloween night in 1978. io9 spoke to Murderous Halloween’ Greer and Hall to learn more.

While we haven’t seen Tommy since 1978 – at least in this continuum, we’ll get to that in a moment – Hall (whose credits include classics such 1980s like Breakfast Club and Bizarre Science, as well as The Dead Zone (TV series and The Dark Knight) told us on video chat that he doesn’t spend too much time thinking about what the character has done for the past 40 years. Instead, he wrote “a really great script” [where] that was all really embedded and woven into the fabric of the story. It’s really kudos to David and [Green’s co-writers] Danny [McBride] and Scott Teems because being able to connect all the characters in the original movie to 21018 and the whole universe opens up to more things. . It is not an easy task and they make it very easy. “

Although Hall wasn’t part of John Carpenter’s original Halloween actor or the 2018 reboot series, he felt comfortable getting into the role, also because the films were shot almost one after the other at the start. production head. “We shot the scene in the bar about a week after filming started, and I think there’s been a very dramatic change that’s worth mentioning – people are starting to feel regret for being a victim and people Some survival, a change and evoke. something different in all of them. “It is the idea to unite and fight this evil – we are no longer victims. Let’s fight, you know? “I said. “It was great to do that at the beginning of the movie and meet Nancy [Stephens] and Kyle [Richards] and some of the actors who were there from the beginning. And I had a great time with newbies like me, Robert Longstreet and others. You can’t always afford to take turns turning and orienting yourself, and with that, we’ve done what’s interesting. “

On the other hand, the character Greer plays an important role in the Halloween movie predecessor. When we first met Karen, she was estranged from Laurie; she certainly neither understood nor sympathized with her mother’s obsession with Michael Myers. That has clearly changed after what she went through in the 2018 movie and Karen we see in murderous Halloween – still reeling from the vicious nightmare she just went through, including death. her husband’s, is very different. Greer told us over the phone, “I felt like she was with her mother right away. I mean, it started at the end of Halloween, but she actually continued where her mother left off. She believes her mother [now] and she is ready to fight. “

Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) prepares for battle.

Looks Like Everyone von Haddonfield was ready to fight the murderous Halloween It turned out to be with Tommy at the top. The growing tension in the film explodes during a hospital scene, in which a group of townspeople – angered by another killing machine returning to threaten their streets – believe they have seen Michael. Myers wandered the corridors. Even though the movie was shot in late 2019, the chaos and vibe it conveys feels like an eerie present.

“All of this is exposing what’s been happening in our society and around the world with the pandemic and exactly the kind of division that we’ve seen as a whole,” Hall said. People. “It was a strange occurrence, as the film reflected, because as I know Jamie and David were talking, we couldn’t have expected that the world would get even crazier and some of the problems we’ve had. This theme will be reflected and reflected in the film. It was indeed a very poignant and shocking surprise for all of us. I think it even adds relevance to the movie in an interesting way. [The choice to resort to violence is] I feel like the central conflict of Act 1 – because, as you know, there is a big mistake in following this, and unfortunately it leads us to Go down a dark path in pursuit of Myers. “

While Tommy joined the fight without hesitation and she was just as hurt and angry as he was, Karen didn’t intervene. Instead, she tries to reassure people. “She is a trained psychologist – her background is in therapy and working with people with problems and helping children. I think they cut that scene out of the first movie [but she’s able to] See through the emotions and understand, perhaps clinically, the psychology of the crowd. But I think she’s just a very careful and measured person,” Greer said. She also noted that she hopes people will make a connection between the film and current events, especially regarding this scene. “It’s always great when you’re making a genre film and it’s tied to reality, so to speak – when you really hold people and hold situations like this. [which] can actually happen at the beginning of the story. “

Michael Myers is great.

Both Tommy and Karen are closely related to Michael Myers, a mysterious character whose lore has changed over time in the Halloween series, but is still toned down in the Green films. “One of the things I hear David talk about that’s really interesting to me is that there’s actually very little mythology about Myers. We really don’t know what motivated him,” Hall said. “I think his presence alone is very inspiring and people love to see him terrorize. It’s something compelling, [horror movie audiences] everyone has a desire to be scared or shocked. Maybe it’s some kind of subconscious dealing with death in the dark or whatever. But that fascinates me: Contrary to other dark characters, there’s a lot that hasn’t been explained about Myers. “

The murderous Halloween takes place entirely in Haddonfield and goes on to emphasize that one of Michael’s driving forces was his desire to return to his parents’ home. “When I watched this movie, I found myself having a strange affinity for Michael Myers and I didn’t like it, I felt that way. But he has something more human,” Greer said. “And it’s like what makes a child a monster? And is that already in you, or will you? I do not know. I think the home icon is interesting, but I don’t have a big opinion on why Michael did this [what he does] because I’m still very curious about him. “And not knowing, she said, makes the movie all the more terrifying. “I think there is nothing scarier than [than not knowing]. Everything is even scarier. You don’t know what [he’s] hiding. I mean, how can you fight or even defend yourself against an invisible enemy? “

We can’t stop our conversation with Hall without asking if he’s seen Tommy Doyle’s previous portrait as an adult – by Paul Rudd in 1995 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the sixth movie in franchising. Although the film was not well received at its release, it has since become a favorite among horror fans. “I saw it recently – I’m glad I waited until I finished because it was a very interesting scene,” Hall said. “I like that version too. You know, [Tommy’s] In a way, very professional, very interesting – a different attitude from mine. A more sober approach I think. “

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