Michael Myers Horror Killer Halloween Movie

Michael Myers Horror Killer Halloween

Michael Myers, a. Before we go to the cinemas to spend some thrilling moments with the name killer, let’s find out why Michael Myers is one of Hollywood’s most buggy and enigmatic collections.

It’s not wrong to call Michael Myers the iconic killer of Halloween night. Every Halloween night, he has a hobby of spreading obsession to his victims. His tall, muscular body, extraordinary health and especially never uttering a word make him even more mysterious. The special thing about Michael Myers is the mask he uses to act. It is a mask that depicts the truth, cold, emotionless just like the way he kills people.

Unlike other murderers, Michael kills people for no particular reason. His victims also had little in common, except that most were babysitters. In particular, his first victims were his family members. No one understands why he killed his own loved ones.

On a dark Halloween night, he used a kitchen knife to stab his naked sister in the room repeatedly. At that time, he was only 6 years old. Then he was taken to a mental institution. After 15 years, he decided to escape from the camp and return home to kill his biological sister. Since then, people have called him the Halloween Nightmare.

Michael Myers Special Abilities

Myers is described as a 1m9 tall young man with extraordinary strength. In addition, he also has a higher damage tolerance than normal people. At one point he was stabbed, burned, and even shot without being hurt. Immortality is also Michael’s most special ability. According to the doctor who treated him, hell would never harbor such a monster, so he couldn’t die. Explaining this, the Curse of Michael Myers episode explained that he was affected by a curse called The Curse of Thorn.

It was thanks to those abilities that killing was easy for him. Victims once caught in his sights will never escape. Michael haunts everyone thanks to his scary appearance and unclear motives. He creates fear in everyone’s mind every Halloween night because no one knows if he’s unlucky enough to fall under his sights.

Will Michael Myers return to success in October?

On the upcoming October 8, the haunting Halloween night will again spread nightmares for the next victims. After the hugely successful series, will this be a strong return of “The Shape”? This is the 7th product in the Halloween franchise directed by David Gordon Green. In particular, this time we will see Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprising their roles, that is Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

In this sequel, Michael may be freed from the camp once again. This time, he will not hide himself, but there will be a force to help him do it. What is the purpose of this force is unknown, maybe they will want to own a bloodthirsty killer for revenge purposes? This will be a life-and-death confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers 40 years after he first killed someone.

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