Overwhelmed With The Multiverse Avengers Team In What If…?

Chekov is sad to announce that the series What If…? season 1 has officially ended in episode 9. After eight episodes, The Watcher finally broke its oath to save the multiverse. Faced with a huge threat from Ultron – a cyborg who ascended to a mighty entity thanks to the infinity stone, The Watcher must assemble a team of Avengers from different timelines to fight him.

The Watcher and Strange Supreme go together to recruit Star-Lord/T’Challa, Black Panther/Erik Killmonger, Captain Carter/Peggy, Thor “party” and Gamoram, calling them Guardians of the Multiverse. . Doctor Strange leads the group to a barren planet without humans to discuss, practice and plan to deal with Ultron. But because of Thor’s excessive celebration, Ultron noticed and immediately attacked. According to Chekov, the party-loving but fun version of Thor is one of What If…? hitherto.

Although he enjoyed the battles in the previous episode, Chekov had to nod his head to praise that the Guardian of Multiverse’s fight with Ultron was really spectacular and eye-catching. With Ultron invincible thanks to the full range of Infinity Stones, the fight is essentially a re-enactment of the battle of Infinity War when the superheroes tried to separate the stones from Ultron’s body. Considering that every member of the team is a stranger, Marvel has done a great job emotionally, especially after last week’s episode did a great job of handling Hawkeye’s story.

When victory seemed to be very close, the soul stone was not completely destroyed by Ultron from a different timeline than Gamora, resulting in the infinity stone breaking machine not working. The crazy robot guy put all his strength into knocking down superheroes, the situation was hanging by a hair. However, thanks to Captain Carter and Black Widow quickly shooting the Arnim Zola virus in the eye, the Guardian of Multiverse team had a resounding victory.

Chekov was also surprised when The Watcher agreed to freeze the treacherous Arnim Zola and Killmonger in a pocket universe, deciding to bring Black Widow into a universe where her variant died. It’s great to see this powerful figure become closer and more human than someone who can only stand from afar and watch.

However, the first part of What If…? still relies too much on flash action. The Watcher’s solution to the Ultron problem was also disappointingly inconsistent and the Avengers were chosen too hastily. Chekov hopes that the writer and director of What If…? will do better in part 2 because the film does not contain a huge “treasure” of plot that the live-action version cannot do.

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